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    Antiseptic wood has outstanding properties such as anti-corrosion, mildew-proof, moisture-proof and insect-proof, and has good durability. However, due to the special use environment, in the construction and later maintenance of anti-corrosion wood, if the correct method is taken, its service life will be greatly prolonged. The following Shandong Antiseptic Wood Factory has sorted out some matters needing attention in the construction and maintenance of antiseptic wood for you, hoping to be helpful to you all!
    1. Outdoor timber should be dried in shade to the same degree of humidity as the outside environment before construction. Wood construction equipment with large water content will show greater deformation and cracking.
    2. A more important aspect is to avoid contact with sand grains as far as possible for the more expensive anticorrosive wood products, so as not to cause wear and tear to the products and affect the beauty.
    3. On the construction site, the existing scale of preservative wood should be used as far as possible. If on-site processing is required, the corresponding preservatives should be used to fully brush all cuts and holes in order to ensure the service life of preservative wood.
    4. Clean and wax regularly in time: the surface of the wood can be cleaned with general detergent and the tools can be brushed; in the later use, it is necessary to protect the surface of the wood with wood wax oil regularly, usually one to one and a half years apart, so as to enhance its waterproof and anti-fouling performance.
    5. In the process of making and perforating, drilling with electric drill should be done first, and then fixed with screw, so as to avoid artificial cracking.
    6. In the construction site, the preservative wood should be ventilated and stored, and the sun exposure should be prevented as far as possible.
    8. All joints should be galvanized or stainless steel joints and hardware products to resist corrosion. Certainly different metal parts can not be used, or they will rust soon, which will damage the layout of wood products.
    9. In the course of re-transportation of anticorrosive wood, any kind of packaging can be used. It can be wrapped in woven bags or packed in larger bags. All the purposes are to avoid damage to wood products.
    11. Maintenance must be carried out by specialized personnel with a certain amount of time and knowledge of wood preservation.
    12. Attention should be paid to finished product protection: after the user's external protective coatings or oil-based coatings have been painted on the surface of anticorrosive wood, in order to achieve the best results, the movement of personnel or heavy objects should be avoided within 48 hours to avoid damaging the protective film formed on the surface of anticorrosive wood. If you want to achieve better anti-fouling effect, if necessary, do two special outdoor varnish treatment.
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